February 11, 2017

In a Wicked Age

By D. Vincent Baker

During this depraved age...

...Gods, demons and mortals cope with each other for power...

...Law and civilization are new, and nobody is their master...

...A basic midwife can set in movement the downfall of tyrants and nice empires...

...Your delivery isn't really yours to decide on, yet your destiny is what you are making it.

In a depraved Age
sword & sorcery roleplaying


Indie RPG - 2008 - Runner Up in so much leading edge Game
Combines the hoariest of old-school traditions -- the random come upon -- with the last word in story-building.

Indie RPG - 2008 - Runner Up in video game of the Year
Influential, intuitive and evocative, In a depraved Age... places the existence again into delusion position play. Eschewing heavy atmosphere for punchy events new release, the sport additionally re-defines the relationships among the characters and the avid gamers. Over shadowed by means of the catchiness of the Oracles, prolonged play of the sport has the capability to create tale with the complexity of novelistic or epic structure.

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February 11, 2017

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide

By Jason Bulmahn

  • This definitive sourcebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game presents a whole bunch new personality recommendations for all seven “core” participant personality races, from archetypes that let elf characters to discover their connection to nature and magic, to feats and spells that allow a dwarf personality keep it up the legacy of his multi-generational extended family, or a gnome discover her connection to the 1st international or delve deep into her bizarre obsessions. also, the Advanced Race Guide deals meaty sections on a dozen “spotlight” races that make attention-grabbing and fascinating participant personality techniques, comparable to goblins, aasimar, tieflings, dhampyrs, drow, the fundamental races from Bestiary 2, and a number of other others, and, for the 1st time, permits gamers to create and play characters like merfolk, grippli, duergar, stryx, and each different applicable monster presently within the Pathfinder online game. finally, the Advanced Race Guide contains an in depth part that permits avid gamers and GMs to construct their very own customized races, both to emulate extra strong creatures that exist already within the video game or to create entirely unique characters specified to their campaign.

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February 11, 2017

Dungeon World

By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel

Mod observe: This edition's art is in black-and-white, in place of the colorized version chanced on the following: https://bibliotik.org/torrents/265161

Both variants are retail caliber, and they're allowed to co-exist (not dupes).

Combining high-action dungeon crawling with state of the art principles, Dungeon international is a roleplaying online game of fable event. You and your pals will discover a land of magic and risk within the roles of adventurers looking for reputation, gold, and glory.

Dungeon World’s ideas are effortless to benefit and continually force the motion ahead in unforeseen methods. A ignored roll isn't a useless end—failure introduces new complexities and issues. lifestyles as an adventurer is tough and hazardous yet it’s by no means boring!

Designed to be prepared so that you can hack, remix, and construct new content material, Dungeon international contains platforms for altering every little thing to fit your crew together with developing new races, periods, and monsters.

To play, you’ll want this rulebook, 3–5 gamers, a few polyhedral cube, and 2–4 hours.

Explore delusion experience roleplaying in an entire new manner with Dungeon international!

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February 11, 2017

Calenhad: A Beacon of Gondor (MERP ICE #3203)

By Tim Cooke

Positioned within the northern foothills of the Ered Nimrais, Calenhad is one in a series of 7 beacon-towers. Its watch-fire relays caution to Minas Tirith of any assault on Gondor's frontiers. no matter if a Dunlending invasion from the west, an Orcish raid around the Anduin, or civil strife inside of Calenardhon, the tower's beacon is decided ablaze.

Calenhad's increased website on steep cliffs initially sported only a impolite signal-platform. The structure's fire-cage, while set alight, warned within reach Gondorian settlements of incursions by means of Dunnish tribes. Centuries later, while Easterlings raided around the Anduin, a extra ambitious tower was once outfitted over the platform's ruins. because the Shadow in Mordor grew, the tower was once accelerated and bolstered to turn into a citadel of substantial army significance.

CALENHAD features:

Over 20 pages of layouts, illustrations, and perspectives.
Complete, multi-level floorplans for four guard-towers, the gatehouse, and the awesome beacon-tower.
Typical layouts for watch-towers at the outer curtain wall and the wall-towers overlooking the internal bailey.
Room via room descriptions and experience suggestions.
Statistics for the garrison of Calenhad and demanding NPCs living within the beacon's vicinity.

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February 11, 2017

Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East

By Harry Heckel

In an effort to see how the altering Breeds are assorted within the East - this can be your publication. Hengeyokai examines the shapeshifters of the East, describing their distinctive cultures and mystery magics. learn the way the Tengu fluctuate from their Western Corax brethren and the way they view the face of the jap Umbra. what is extra, the secrets and techniques of the elusive Kitsune werefoxes are totally published right here, making this a whole altering Breed publication, in addition! Do you actually need to overlook this one?

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February 10, 2017

Terrors of the Ancient World: A Dungeon World Monster Manual (MM1)

By Johnstone Metzger

Terrors of the traditional global is a set of monsters to brighten up your Dungeon global online game. within this e-book you can find over a dozen new monsters, them all illustrated in excellent complete colour.

Each monster comes with a few mix of experience hooks, customized strikes, traps, fronts and risks, magical goods, or even a number of maps. Demons may be summoned and bargained with, gods may be worshipped in trade for brand new spells and different particular powers.

There are gods to your adventurers to worship, demons for them to summon, and monsters for them to slay-or be slain through!

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February 10, 2017

The Dying Earth Revivification Folio (Dying Earth RPG)

By Robin D. Laws

What, Pray inform, Is a Revivification Folio?

This publication offers a brand new, streamlined method to introduce and play the demise Earth Roleplaying online game. It provides a marginally tuned model of the Skulduggery ideas approach, as additionally visible within the standalone rulebook of a similar name.

You don't have the Skulduggery ebook to play the sport. the entire ideas you must play look during this exquisitely provided folio.

The adjusted principles offered during this quantity deal with the first hindrances GMs faced whilst pitching the sport to their teams. a few avid gamers confirmed regrettable resistance to the setting’s piquant ironies. Many feared that they couldn’t muster the verbal eloquence it demands. Then they'd play. inside of moments, aided via the tagline approach and the reversal-filled center mechanics, they’d be spouting ideal Vancian discussion, backstabbing and swindling with aplomb.

The Revivification Folio ideas get gamers all started inside mins. They put aside the prolonged, decision-heavy personality new release of the unique model for a approach according to the random distribution of playing cards, which jointly take where of a traditional personality sheet. avid gamers step extra conveniently outdoor their validated convenience zones should you can get them taking part in at once. once they spend much less time growing their characters, they’re extra open to seeing them meet the ironic comeuppances the sport so usually calls for. you can now immerse them within the exact vibe of the sport ahead of they've got time to doubt their skill to take care of. alterations to the tagline ideas deliver them to the leading edge. They educate gamers to talk in increased Vancian lingo.

Entering the demise Earth hasn't ever been easier.

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